For Investigators


The Women’s Health Research Registry™ was developed by the Center for Women’s Cardiac Health and Research and supported by the Memorial Medical Center Foundation to help facilitate women’s health research. MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute - Center for Women’s Health Research Registry™ team will assist in identifying women who are willing to consider participating in a research study or clinical research trials (CRTs). The Registry contains demographic, personal and family health history information obtained from the health history questionnaire completed by each woman either online or by paper.

All qualified investigators can utilize the Registry by submitting a research protocol for approval to the Memorial Health Services (MHS), Institutional Review Council. Each protocol will be reviewed by an Institution Review Board. The protocol's inclusion/exclusion criteria form will be used to query the database for eligible participants. The participants will be contacted by the Registry staff to ascertain their interest in the research protocol and to obtain their agreement to release their contact information to the investigator.

Investigator Documents for Download

Submit the Application and All Required Investigator Documents to:
MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute Center
Center for Women’s Cardiac Health & Research
Women's Health Research Registry™
2865 Atlantic Ave, Suite 210
Long Beach, CA 90806
Phone: (562) 933-2460
Fax: (562) 933-2462

If you need any assistance in completing the application, please feel free to contact the registry coordinator at (562) 933-2460.