Improving Patient Safety Through Evaluation of Inpatient Pharmacist-Involved Medication Errors

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Principal Investigator:
Susan Mckamy
Conducted at:
Long Beach Memorial, Miller Children`s & Women`s Hospital Long Beach
Currently enrolling additional patients:

From prescribing to administering, every step of the medication use process is susceptible to errors. Most literature discussions focus on general medication errors in different healthcare settings, but there is yet to be a study that specifically evaluates medication errors involving pharmacists. Due to their extensive role in the medication use process, it is inevitable that pharmacists are involved in medication errors. The aim of this study is to evaluate inpatient pharmacist-involved medication errors that occur at Long Beach Memorial (LBM) and Miller Children’s Hospital (MCH), collectively known as Long Beach Memorial Medical Center (LBMMC). This study will 1) classify the types of medication errors, 2) identify potential risk factors that are associated with the occurrence of medication errors, and 3) recommend strategies for preventing further medication errors. The results of this study may lead to the implementation of strategies to provide better quality patient care and ensure patient safety.

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