Evaluating Nurse Versus Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician-Initiated Medication History Intake in an Inpatient Setting: A Cost Effective Analysis

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Karen Phongsak
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Long Beach Memorial
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Although, there are many barriers that prevent medication histories from being accurately completed such as financial restraints, time constraints, staffing constraints, training time, and quality assurance testing, the implementation of a program that allows for pharmacy technicians to be trained to do full medication histories for patients being admitted to the hospital can be cost effective and improve patient safety by avoiding errors and providing better patient care.
At our institution, a select group of pharmacy technicians have been trained in the intake of medication histories. Technicians have been interviewing patients and completing medication history intake forms in the emergency department starting April of 2012 and on one general medicine floor since July of 2012. Training for technicians include attending didactic lectures, completing a training module, and doing mock patient interviews.10
The primary objective for this study is to determine the difference in accuracy between nursing-initiated medication histories and pharmacy-initiated medication histories. Secondary objectives are to identify the types of the errors made by nurses and pharmacy, and the potential cost benefit of having a pharmacy technician and/or pharmacist initiate the medication history process. The potential cost benefit will be based on an evaluation of medication errors avoided or prevented.

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