About the Registry


About the Women’s Health Research Registry™

The Women's Health Research Registry™ is a confidential questionnaire that contains questions regarding a woman's environment, her health-related behaviors, her health symptoms, and any illnesses or conditions she may have now or has had in the past. All information is stored on a secured server which uses SSL encryption—the same level of security used for banking and health care sites.

The Women's Health Research Registry™ database assists investigators with research study or clinical research trials by allowing them to better understand the relationship between environmental exposures, stress, health symptoms, health trends and disease specific to women.

The Registry is intended to foster research in the area of women's health by serving as an informational resource as well as a recruiting tool. The Registry also makes a concerted effort to include women from diverse social classes and racial/ethnic backgrounds in order to promote diversity in research studies and clinical trials.

Women who are interested in participating in clinical trials are encouraged to join the registry.

How Candidates Are Paired with Research Studies

The goal of the Women's Health Research Registry™ is to identify a pool of women who are interested in participating in important research to advance women's health. When a qualified physician/investigator begins a new study, the Registry is confidentially searched to discover appropriate candidates. If you are identified as a candidate for a particular study, the Registry coordinator will then contact you by phone/or mail to ask if you would like to participate.