MemorialCare Joint Replacement Center


Revolutionary Philosophy Gets Patients Back On Their Feet

The MemorialCare Joint Replacement Center at Long Beach Memorial is a leader in Southern California in hip and knee replacements – where a revolutionary philosophy encourages patients to become active as soon as possible – often on the same day of joint replacement surgery. Patients in need of hip and knee replacements go through surgery and into rehabilitation, while promoting wellness and an active hospital stay – an average hospital stay is two to three days.

The Joint Replacement Center at Long Beach Memorial features private patient rooms, a group therapy room, patient education including pre-operative class, discharge class and patient guidebooks, family centered care, rehab coaches and group lunches, all in one dedicated area with outstanding outcomes.

The Joint Replacement Center Stands Apart:

  • Rapid Recovery and Transition Back Home - Our patients recover sooner and more go directly home vs. a rehabilitation facility or nursing home.
    Percentage of Patients That Go Directly Home
  • Drastically Improved Quality of Life - Our patients are back to normal activities and without pain three months after surgery.
    Drastically Improved Quality of Life
  • Excellent Patient Experience - Patients who participate in the Joint Replacement Program are happy to recommend us to their friends and family.
    Definitely Recommend
  • Complication Rates - Our rate of complication related to surgery is low (including infection and blood clots).
    In Hospital Complication Rates