Fitness First Gym

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Do You...?

  • Need to increase your fitness level, lose weight, or lower your blood pressure or cholesterol?
  • Prefer a smaller more personalized setting?
  • Want to tone your body?
  • Want to ensure you are exercising properly?

About Our Gym

Fitness First Gym is a medical based gym that offers free blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and heart rate readings before and after work out. Our gym is fully equipped with cardiovascular and strength building machines along with group classes such as Yoga, Strength and Conditioning, Zumba and Tone Your Bones. Complimentary towel service is available to all gym members.

Pulmonary and Heart Care Patients

Our gym is available to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation patients who need opportunity to exercise more independently. Following cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation, the patient's heart rate and blood pressure continue to be monitored. Certified exercise technicians supervise the program and are available to answer questions and provide guidance. Patients may stay in the program as long as they wish to exercise in a supervised environment.


Join today to lead a fit and active life. 

  • Membership is $35 per month
  • Saddleback Memorial Volunteer Membership is $15 per month.