New Home of the Cancer Institute

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MemorialCare Cancer Institute at Saddleback Memorial - Video #1 - The Vision

In this video Steve Geidt, the CEO of Saddleback Memorial, explains the vision for the Cancer Institute and the technologies and philosophies that make it so special.

An Amazing Metamorphosis 

New Cancer Institute coming to life

Our main goal is to keep cancer from happening in the first place. But when cancer strikes, we fight back harder. That’s why we’re so excited to announce plans for our new home of the MemorialCare Cancer Institute at Saddleback Memorial.

The beautiful facility – located adjacent to Saddleback Memorial hospital and scheduled to open in May 2014 – will provide those in our community with access to state-of-the-art technologies and expanded treatment options in an environment that is comfortable and convenient.

A Hub for Healing

More than just a building, the new Cancer Institute will serve as the "hub" for all cancer care services we provide across the entire Saddleback Memorial campus. With the addition of new radiation oncology treatments and innovative imaging and diagnostic technologies, our investment in this new facility reflects our commitment to stay on the leading edge of cancer care, as we have done since 1974.

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