Center for Health Education


Memorial/UCI Center for Health Education (CHE)

The Center for Health Education opened in 1974 as joint venture between Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and the University of California, Irvine. The purpose of the CHE is to provide continuing education for practitioners of the biomedical sciences and related fields, and public forums, lectures and instruction on health matters of interest to the general public. The Center for Health Education is a non-profit corporation under the parent company of MemorialCare Health System.

Center for Health Education Staff

  • Edward J. Quilligan, M.D.
    Executive Director, Center for Health Education
  • Ruth Schweitzer
    Director, Center for Health Education
  • Julie Snedeker
    Health Education Planner
  • Sabrina Sadler
    Facilities Coordinator
  • Aaron Matthews
    Media Services
  • Shara Castro
    CME Coordinator

Continuing Medical Education Accreditation (CME)

The Medical Staff of Long Beach Memorial Medical Center are committed to promoting a CME program that supports and fosters comprehensive and cost-effective high quality care. The purpose of the CME program is to provide a forum through which assessment occurs, needs are identified, education is initiated and change in practice occurs. This includes supporting the individual practitioner with educational updates specifically related to the issues that arise in current practice circumstances, as well as anticipating new directions in patient care.

The Center for Health Education provides CME accreditation for education activities planned and coordinated by the medical staff at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center (LBMMC), Miller Children's Hospital (MCH) and the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Long Beach Memorial Medical Center is accredited by the Institute for Medical Quality and the California Medical Association to provide continuing medical education for physicians. In conjunction with the provision of CME credit, the CHE produces and distributes a monthly Calendar listing all approved educational activites. An attendance record for each physician is maintained as a service to assist them with their credentialing process.

Room Scheduling

The CHE oversees and schedules activities in the main meeting areas of the medical center including:

  • Houssels Forum
  • Van Dyke Theater
  • Classroom I & II
  • Boardroom

In addition to scheduling the rooms, the Facilities Coordinator interfaces with the Catering, Housekeeping and Engineering departments to ensure successful events and maintain a positive image of the medical center.

Multi-Media Services

The CHE maintains and services the multi-media equipment which is housed throughout the Medical Center as well as overseeing a checkout process for additional equipment. A full-time technician is available, upon request, to train medical center staff in the use of multi-media equipment or to assist with events.

Medical Meeting Planning

The CHE coordinates continuing medical education conferences each year, both on campus at LBMMC, and off-site. The scope of the meeting planners’ duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting site selection
  • Production of meeting budget
  • Production and distribution of course brochures
  • Interaction with course faculty (travel, hotel, syllabus, honorarium)
  • Process course registrations
  • Secure CME accreditation from either LBMMC (CMA) or the University of California, Irvine (ACCME)
  • On-site coordination

There are three meeting planners at CHE. Together they have over fifty years of planning experience and have traveled with groups to international locations including India, Africa, the Amazon, Italy and Tahiti, as well as coordinating many conferences throughout the United States and Canada.