Medical Information & Access Card

Carry Your Medical Data with You


The Medical Information & Access Card fits in the palm of your hand and puts your personal medical data right at your fingertips.

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Whether you’re in the familiar environment of your favorite doctor’s office or dealing with an emergency at an out-of-town hospital, The Medical Information and Access Card™ can help communicate you or your loved ones’ vital information to care givers.

In any situation, this card can simplify getting proper health care. It spells out crucial information including blood type and medical history. And there’s a special section for the names and numbers of those you want contacted in a crisis.

We can’t promise you’ll never be asked those questions again, but having the facts conveniently listed on this card will make answering them much easier.

Whenever you need it, your card gives immediate access to essential information including regular medications, the names and numbers of the physicians you see, and a phone number for your health insurance provider. The card also provides the name of your insurance company, your group and membership numbers, and the numbers to call for authorizations and deductibles.