J Carlos Maggi, MD

After completing my training at John Hopkins University, I have practiced pediatric pulmonary and critical care at Miller Children's Hospital and cared for patients in south LA and north Orange Counties for the past 25 years. Because of the nature of my work, I have treated children in critical condition and taken them to the stage of preventing future episodes. I believe education, prevention and early intervention are much more effective and satisfying for families and physicians.

We specialize in the care of children with bronchitis, asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders. Despite the severity of some of our patients, we provide them with long lasting tools and therapeutic interventions so they lead normal lives, including exercise at competitive levels. As a matter of fact, we use exercise as a therapeutic tool in the management of respiratory problems and we specialize in the area of exercise for asthma.

As a parent, two of my five boys have asthma. They both enjoy an active, competitive and very healthy childhood, just like I did, despite having asthma. I believe my expertise in the area is helpful not only as a trained professional but also as an experienced individual who deals with those challenges on a daily basis.

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  • Critical Care Medicine - Pediatric
  • Pulmonology - Pediatric

Types of Care


Medical Education
Cayetano Heredia Medical School
Date Completed:
John Hopkins Hospital
Loyola University of Chicago

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