MemorialCare Rehabilitation Institute: Transforming Lives

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Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Each year, thousands of patients disabled by strokes, accidents and illnesses get a new lease on life at the MemorialCare Rehabilitation Institute at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

“Our goal is to help people with impairments achieve the highest degree of function and independence possible,” says Medical Director Eric Feldman, M.D.

The Long Beach Memorial rehabilitation team provides inpatient, outpatient and transitional services, including advanced treatments such as upper extremity electrical implants for people with quadriplegia. As a result, there are hundreds of success stories.

For example, 98 percent of patients treated by the rehabilitation center’s spinal cord injury team are able to return to the community. And 90 percent of people seeking help to reduce their risk of falling are helped by treatments at the Balance and Vestibular Clinic. Brain injured patients also achieve high levels of independence—and the vast majority of people with lung disorders breathe easier thanks to pulmonary rehabilitation.

Long Beach Memorial also has an accredited program for stroke patients and is one of only five hospitals participating in a nationwide trial studying techniques to improve walking after a stroke.

“The rehab team at Long Beach Memorial measures its success by how many of our patients have been able to live independent, fulfilled lives after therapy,” says Dr. Feldman.