Saddleback Memorial and the City of San Clemente Launch “Surf and Sand Survivor”


Community Awareness Campaign Promotes Sun, Ocean and Surfing Safety

The City of San Clemente and Saddleback Memorial San Clemente will be launching “Surf and Sand Survivor”, a public awareness campaign to educate the community about the importance of sun, ocean, and surfing safety.

Last year, our lifeguards rescued over 4,500 swimmers in distress says Bill Humphreys, Marine Safety Chief, San Clemente Marine Safety Division. “When participating in ocean activities, we want to encourage everyone to make sure they have the skills, knowledge, and strength necessary to safely enjoy the ocean. Always swim near a lifeguard, never swim alone, and if caught in a rip current, please don’t fight it. Simply swim parallel to the beach to exit the rip. Or relax and tread water and wave an arm for assistance - a lifeguard will be on their way to assist you. You can tread water for a very long time, but cannot swim against a rip current.”

The Surf and Sand Survivor “Patrol” will be participating in various events this summer in San Clemente. They’ll be visiting Fun on the Run sites, Junior Lifeguards, the Ole Hanson Beach Club Pool, and even patrolling the beach with free sunscreen to promote skin cancer prevention. Beachgoers may even receive an unofficial “citation” from “sunscreen patrol” volunteers for not wearing sunscreen.

“Every summer we see the number of beach related injuries spike in the emergency room”, says Karen Sharp, RN, Manager of Critical Care and Emergency Services at Saddleback Memorial – San Clemente. “This summer we want everyone to play it safe and be a Surf and Sand Survivor.”

The campaign will officially kick off on Saturday, June 26, with “Surf and Sand Survivor Day”. A booth will be set up on the sand north of the San Clemente Pier from 10 am to 1 pm. The event will feature free CPR demonstrations, giveaways, information about beach, ocean and surfing safety from physicians and lifeguards as well as information about choosing the right surfboard and leash. Soleo Organics will also be distributing free sunscreen samples.

Mayor Jim Dahl officially declared June 26, 2010, “Surf and Sand Survivor Day” in the city of San Clemente. A special proclamation was presented at the city council meeting on June 15.

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